POSITION: Video Production Intern
CATEGORY:  Creative Arts
STATUS:  Internship
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah Office



Fusion 360 (fusion360agency.com) is looking for a VIDEO PRODUCTION Intern to join our thriving team and translate client business goals into successful video production projects. Equal parts editor, creative maverick and strategist, this talented individual will assist our creative team in video production projects that build connections between brands and consumers.This position requires a “top-shelf” creative intern, who will collaborate with FUSION 360 team members, integrating video production strategies into a broader client strategy.

ABOUT FUSION 360 – Over a Decade of Marketing Innovation Other places have interns that answer phones and make copies; our interns make originals.
We’re a next generation strategic brand marketing firm and digital agency entrenched in passion, innovation and drive. We’re guiding our clients through this seismic marketing revolution. We don’t walk, we run. We don’t follow, we lead. We dream, and then we do. Our ideas are big, but our results are bigger. Bigger still is our pursuit of excellence in our team. Our employees blaze new trails, integrating traditional (offline) and digital (online) strategies for our clients by forging deeper relationships between brands and consumers.
FUSION 360 develops award-winning creative and design work for local and regional companies and brands. Sounds like a lot of work, right? It is. This is why we need fresh perspectives like yours. Great work comes from everyone and that includes our interns. If you love design more than a chubby kid loves sweat pants, and you want to gain experience in the field of advertising design and brand marketing; please apply for an internship at FUSION 360. We’d love to hear from you.


The purpose of our internship program is to build a pool of promising, diverse college students who have developed skills and knowledge within the Fusion 360 culture and environment and who can be tapped for employment upon graduation.


  • Able to work 20+ hours a week.
  • Must be a college student (if you have graduated, please instead apply for a full-time position. Available positions are posted at: (fusion360agency.com/employment).
  • Proficient juggler (or any circus-like skills) encouraged.
  • Self-confidence is a must, cockiness is a must-not.
  • Creativity is expected.
  • Demonstrated experience with industry standard editing software like Adobe Premier.
  •  Experience with other Adobe Creative Suite/Creative Cloud applications: (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.) a plus.
  • Must be able to think and problem-solve creatively.
  • Knowledge of HTML & CSS a plus.
  • Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to be an advertising production intern “Rock Star”, less the attitude and that whole snorting coke off Vegas hookers, thing.
  • Paid Internship (stipend).
  • College credit.
  • Opportunity to learn and lesson from our award-winning team (with BFA/AAS accreditation).
  • VIP access to the “360 Lounge”, featuring unlimited free drinks and snacks, ping pong, foosball, XBOX, call of duty and other team-building activities.
If you’re sharp, creative and forward-thinking – and if complacency isn’t in your vocabulary. If you’re a communicator, a creator and you’re looking for an environment that lets you shine – drop us a line. It takes a special kind of person to intern here and we hope thats you.


Please send your resume, cover letter along with a creative picture or video (that best portrays your “personal brand”), and a link to a portfolio of your work to: [email protected]
Please follow-up via email only. All phone calls, faxes and walk-ins will be publicly flogged and forced to listen to Nickelback.
Equal opportunity employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
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