POSITION: Video Journalist
STATUS:  Full-Time Employee
LOCATION: Salt Lake City, Utah Office

Do you love video journalism more than Kanye loves Kanye?

Fusion 360 (www.fusion360studios.com) is looking for is looking for a BRANDED CONTENT VIDEO JOURNALIST to join our award-winning team of digital dragoons.

This talented individual will shoot, edit and produce branded-content “news” style videos primarily for use in agency and client social media campaigns -think CNN on steroids.

In addition to having 2-3 years of killer video editing experience, we’re looking for someone with some serious videography, producing and script-writing chops. -Think Yoda in chucks armed to the teeth with a DSLR and a fully specced-out Mac Pro. Bonus points if you know the Electric Slide and/or Macarena -Friday afternoons can get a little weird. If this position sounds like it fits you like a new pair of skinny jeans, read on.

ABOUT Fusion360:

Fusion 360 is an Emmy Award winning, next-generation digital shop, serving up more hot digital sustenance than Satan’s Sous Chef. We develop award-winning digital strategies for local and regional companies and brands. In fact, Fusion 360 was just named to the RNKED list of “Top 100 Global Agencies” (Ranked #70 Globally, #50 in the US and #1 in Utah). True story.


  • Our Moms.
  • Jaw-dropping video editing and producing portfolio/experience.
  • Proficient juggling (or any circus-like skills) encouraged.
  • Able to meet deadlines each week.
  • Ability to keep your head on a swivel when you find yourself in a vicious Nerf-gun fight.
  • Masters-level proficiency with Adobe Premier.
  • Producing/script-writing game on lock.
  • Loves video editing more than a chubby kid loves sweat pants.
  • Experience with other Adobe CC applications, like Illustrator, AE and PS would be both sick and tight.
  • Old-school Beastie Boys Jams.
  • Ability to be a digital agency “rock star”, less the attitude and that whole snorting coke off Vegas hookers, thing.


  • Competitive Salary
  • 100% Covered Employee Health Insurance
  • Hard-to-understand office British dude.
  • Ideas > egos
  • Free drinks, snacks, ping pong, foosball and XBOX.
  • Steezy office with super chill working atmosphere.
  • Mondays will suck less.


  • Video Production: 2 years
  • Video Journalism: 2 years


Please submit ALL of the following:

  • Please include: cover letter, resume, creative picture and/or video or yourself (best portraying your personal brand) to [email protected].
  • Please follow-up via email only.  All phone calls and walk-ins will be publicly flogged and forced to listen to Nickelback.

Equal opportunity employer.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


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