7 Ways to Make Your Online Content More Readable

By July 8, 2015SEO

Whether you make your living as a web developer, copywriter or SEO specialist here in Utah or elsewhere, it’s imperative that any and all digital content be made available for mass consumption in a presentable fashion. Unfortunately, we’ve all had the displeasure of visiting websites that were riddled with complex interfaces, poor site navigability and—perhaps most troublesome—indigestible content, regardless of whether it be editorial or visual.

In order to make a website work for you, your respective clients and the World Wide Web’s most influential search engines, take the necessary time to make certain that content—particularly of a written nature—be readable, enjoyable and provide something of concrete value for site visitors. Still confused? The following infographic promises to simplify the tricky endeavor:

Fusion 360 - 7 Ways to Make Your Online Content More Readable (Fusion 360 SEO)

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